Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Writing with your Feet?

Sounds almost impossible doesn't it! Chances are you may have seen some videos of grown Men/Women painting with their feet, but a 5 year old?

This Chinese boy called Luo Yanbo wasn't born without hands. They were amputated when he was 3 years old after suffering a tragic accident when he touched an unprotected wire, electrocuting him. In two years, he has learnt (with the help of his parent) to do most things a person with hands can do, but with his feet. He can write, answer the telephone, use a fork to eat and is leading a happy life.

It just shows how amazing people like this are. Fair enough, he is only little and not having hands probably wont affect him as much as say a 20 year old, but to pull through this accident and learning to cope with these difficulties is truly admirable.

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