Friday, 11 February 2011


Why do I find it so difficult to wake up in the mornings? I do all the usual tricks like setting the alarm and leaving it over the far side of my room, meaning that I will have to get out of bed to turn it off. My alarm these days seem to be 'Maximum the Hormone - Zetsubou Billy' or 'The rising fighting spirit' which aren't exactly peaceful songs to wake up to.

Ok, so the waking up part isn't exactly difficult, it is more the 'staying awake' part that always seems to get me. If I have an important thing to do, such as having an exam, or some other compulsory thing then I find it easier to stay awake. For normal lectures however, there are sometimes I just can't stay awake. The cause of this is the temptation of bed, of sleep and the thought that I will just rest my eyes for a bit, only to wake up an hour later and realise that you have missed a lecture.

Getting to sleep seems to be a problem now as well. It's not as though I have insomnia, or am physically unable to sleep. I just seem to choose not to. There are so many thing that I just have to do then and there, usually involving watching a movie, playing xbox, listening to music or just general facebook viewing. I always think about how "I am gonna regret it in 5 hours" when I have to wake up, but my mind has kinda been programmed to do all this stuff before I am able to sleep.

Feel free to leave a comment with your 'going to bed' routines and which alarms you have these days.


  1. I still have trouble staying awake during lectures in class, the only thing that helped me was forcing myself into a good regular sleep schedule and getting up early on days even if I have nothing to do.

  2. i just don't go to lectures if i don't feel up to it. but i dont really have any teachers that drop pop quizzes or take attendance and that stuff. new follower