Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ever-Increasing Circle

When I really think about it, I realise that my circle of friends keeps growing. I have met some really awesome people recently who have been there all along, but I have just never started conversation with them.

I am lucky to have made friends on my course it seems. When we first came here, I was the only person I knew who was taking Computer Science, which helped me make friends with a few guys on my course. Unlucky for some though, that knew at least 1 person on their course before it started, and they haven't extended their circle at all.
The Circle grows faster when you have more people within it, as soon as they make a new friend, the new guy instantly becomes our friend and same with the new guy's friend.

It's funny how when I first came to Uni, the people I met became my best friends for those first few days. I guess, when you are all thrown into unfamiliar territory, you feel as though time moves slower and you accomplish more.
While I am at Uni now, I realise that the days are passing pretty quickly again. I feel as though I should throw myself into the freezing cold end and do something new and different. But I have never been one to leave my comfort zone so easily.
I have decided that I want to get those slow days back and just be a bit more open minded to things, go around to different peoples houses and meet their housemates as well. You all should take a similar approach as well.

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