Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Facebook 'Likers'

Why the hell do people like things on facebook so much!? it used to be about liking fan pages that would post mildly interesting stuff from time to time...but now there are websites dedicated to this trite in which liking has no real purpose other than for someone to write that absolutely everyone has done and tell people to like it if they have done it e.g. "Like this if you have ever farted" it probably has about 168K likes. WHY? do these people expect to be the envy of their friends (if they have any?) It just fills your newsfeed with childish least I spam statuses on purpose (when i'm not drunk).

Remove yourselves from the herd of sheep that are the 'Likers'!


  1. I completely agree. Pisses me off too.

  2. Oh yeah, Facebook. Haven't logged in there for a while. I've must have been BUSY.

  3. I am so glad you actually decided to mention this. This annoys the mother-shit out of me every time i see that shit.