Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Euurgh, it has been an awful day so far today, didn't get much sleep and the sleep i did get made me miss my first lecture. When I went in for my second lecture, there weren't enough chairs for all the students so our lecturer cancelled it. Waste of Time!

I take a pretty strong interest in hacking and all the news associated with it. The thrill of finding new things and gaining access to places (within reason) is just simply thrilling.
I read this article earlier about one of the most elite hacking groups called 'Anonymous'
I just found this so hilarious. The group have the FBI after them, and they have the arrogance to hack the organization that is after them. They gave out fake information about themselves and sent it to the FBI because they were so confident in their abilitys.
Ok, so maybe the group are doing illegal things, but they have done some morally correct things as well. I mean, take the crisis in Egypt at the moment. The Egyptians have had their internet taken away from them by the government. Anonymous were almost straight in there and brought down the governments website and helped try to bring web access back. I aspire to this. It may be against the law, but it doesn't make the law right.

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