Tuesday, 8 February 2011


So yesterday I went to this club called Oceana, they were holding this event called Ani-Ball, haha clever pun ¬_¬

The idea was to go dressed as an animal so being the unorganised house that we are :D we took to town the day before looking for costumes. There were no costume shops open. Time to improvise! Some of us went and got womans-size lepoard skin onesies, which looked really comfy. I, along with a few others, opted for the paint option. We got some black and white paint (far too much!) and decided to go as Zebras.

When it came to putting the paint on, we could see that it wasn't going to go too well, it was water based and not really for putting onto skin......didn't stop us though.
I put on the base layer of white, which didn't make much of a difference to my pale skin and i looked horrendus. I might as well have gone as a Yeti.
After the white had dried, I put some random black stripes on and the look was complete. Though it was more of a tribesman look than a zebra.

The club itslef was exactly the same as it always has been, packed full and extremely difficult to get a drink. The sheer mass of people ment that losing people you came with was extremely commonplace. The DJ that played (Jaguar Skills) was pretty awesome, which made it more worthwhile.
For some reason, we kept ending up in the smoking area, even though none of us smoke. There we bumped into some guy who kept telling us how much he loved Swansea....drunk conversations are so amazingly rubbish when you remember them, but at the time you get so enthusiastic about everything.

As the night drew on, people started to leave in their own little groups, I helped one of my lovely friends find her housemates and let them go while i searched for the other guys in my house. When I found them, it was only a matter of time before I lost them again and I ended up outside while they stayed inside. The rules of the club are to not let anyone back in past a certain time....i was by myself. I just waited until someone I recognised came out (which wasn't long) and we went back home.

Home was just as crazy, with two of my housemates (Rhys + Matt) messing around. They came into my room while i was in the kitchen, Rhys took the video camera and filmed Matt singing the pokemon theme using my ipod. They also thought it would be funny to barricade my door from the inside after they get out by leaving my lights and chair in the way.

Then my standard action (which I always do when I get drunk) was to spam facebook with barely readable and uninteresting statuses. I finally fell asleep with all the paint still on me......pillow might need a wash :)

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